Easter 2017
Easter 2017

LEGO® Education Workshop is designed based on LEGO Education Afterschool Program (LEAS) with a touch of seasonal spirit to bring joy to students during Holiday. Leading by a group of certificated LEAS Teachers, children will be facilitated and stimulate to build toward the topic of the day. Children will work on team and camp projects. Building individual structures along with working as a group and building some mightily impressive large structures. LEGO Education Workshop is a unique experience for children to learn through hands-on and exploratory play.enrollnow-btn



Easter 2017

LEGO World Age 3-4     
Children use DUPLO and LEGO sets to build replicates of their world as they see and understand it. They use their models to talk about their ideas, their feelings and their needs. And they develop new ideas and a deeper understanding by trying things out, together with others.
  • Easter Basket

Build and design your own Easter Egg and basket

  • Where is Easter Bunny

What is that bouncing over there? Is that a Easter Bunny?? Lets go and find it out.

  • Easter Chicken

Easter Chicken is coming for the party. Let see what is he looks like?

Easter 2017

LEGO Adventure Age 5-6   
Children are given opportunities to find out how things work. Activities allowthem to build increasingly complex constructions and to experiment with simple mechanisms, and design and build their own simple machines. Activities are also based on popular play themes such as outer space and vehicles.
  • Saving Easter Bunny

Beep! Beep! Oh No, Easter Bunny has been taken away. Let’s build a robot and save him.

  • Find the Golden Egg

It is time for treasure hunting, find the golden egg!

  • Adventure to the Easter Island

What do you think is on the secret Easter Island? Let’s go and find it out.

Easter 2017

LEGO Inventor Age 7-8   
Build and design increasingly advanced mechanisms using LEGO Technic and LEGO System sets. Children will learn about mechanical components and use motors to power their great inventions.
  • Spring Racing

Buckle up! Get ready for The Car Race of the year! Ready, Set, Go!

  • Meet Emi the Sea Lion

Stand up! Sit Down! And Roar! Come and learn to be an Animal Trainer.

  • The Night Safari

Zeep Zeep … Zeep. What is that? Start your journey into the Safari and find out more.

Easter 2017

LEGO Robotics Age 9-10   
Children learn to create simple computer programs that control the behaviorof robots using LEGO®MINDSTORMS® software and Technic sets. Throughout playful topics, children are given opportunities to turn their creative ideas into a programmable model.
  • Sumo Wrestler

Hey Ho Hey Ho, the one that last the longest wins. Train up your Sumo Robot and defend your title.

  • Maze Runner

Solve the puzzle and find the exit, challenge your friends on a maze hunt.

  • 400m Relay Racer

Do you think you can beat the record? Team up with your friends and race!